Red Veil

December 12, 2018 Comments

NC16・ 2 pages ・ Image © Pixabay
Her usual quiet night was disrupted by an amorous couple who broke into her home. She tried to tell the police their sins but no one ever listened to her.


November 28, 2018 Comments

NC16・ 1 page ・ Image © Heorhii Heorhiichuk
The film industry in Singapore is rather small. So when he scouted her for his studio, she couldn’t refuse. She would give her everything to the role he had given her. Even her life.

Another Day

November 20, 2018 Comments

G・ 2 pages ・ Image © Rawpixel
A mother in anguish for her son’s condition. A doctor who rather not be bothered with it. Will she ever save her poor child?

Final Game

November 12, 2018 Comments

PG・ 1 page ・ Image © George Becker
​The years playing have been fun. Now, he plays his final game with her. Will he win as usual? Or will things finally start to change?


October 16, 2018 Comments

PG・ 2 pages ・ Image © Daisy Laparra
Their simple intention to experiment was for the convenience of humanity. After all, only technology could allow that convenience to exist.

The Buruj

October 04, 2018 Comments

NC16・ 10 pages ・ Image © 嘉淇 徐
The priceless gemstone, the Buruj, was rumoured to be cursed — death was the inevitable fate of anyone possessing it. But Private Eye Zafirah didn’t believe in curses.

Curious At Noon

October 01, 2018 Comments

G・ 1 page ・ Image © Kaique Rocha
Even simple things in life was a mystery to her, especially when the sun was at its brightest, showing off colours of joy that were foreign to her.

Man By The Road

September 27, 2018 Comments

PG・ 1 page ・ Image © Egor Kamelev
They say that bit of road is haunted. If you see something or someone by the road, never stop. Keep going even if it seemed real.

The Lost Backpack

September 24, 2018 Comments

PG13・ 8 pages ・ Image © Dương Nhân
It should be a simple affair, really. When a lost backpack is found, you give it to the police post, problem solved. But things just had to be all heavy and bloody.


September 18, 2018 Comments

PG13・ 1 page ・ Image © Pexen Design
She trusted her best friend wholeheartedly. She would do anything she asked of her. Until that day when she was betrayed.


September 11, 2018 Comments

PG13・ 1 page ・ Image © Mareefe
He understood very well that true love couldn’t be seen. It was colourless. So it made sense to serve his affection the same way.


September 03, 2018 Comments

PG13・ 2 pages ・ Image © Scott Webb
A well-trained officer never jump to conclusions. After all, healthy people eat their vegetables, not be killed by them.

Mad Witch

August 29, 2018 Comments

PG・ 7 pages ・ Image © Pixabay
Such was the stupidity of youths. A simple bet was all it took for him to face the horror that could end of his young life in an instant.

Closing Time

August 27, 2018 Comments

PG・ 2 pages ・ Image © Janko Ferlic
Assignments were best done in the library. But when someone kept hitting on her, of course, she was going to give him a piece of her mind.

Leader In The Mud

August 21, 2018 Comments

PG・ 2 pages ・ Image © Isaac Taylor
He left an impression on her. He was a good leader who never wavered in hard times. But people changed when they grew up.

Giant Of Jumuah

July 30, 2018 Comments

G・ 2 pages ・ Image © Khairul Onggon
There was nothing typical about the Jumuah prayer that day. He was challenged to his limits in body, mind and spirit.


July 27, 2018 Comments

NC16・ 7 pages ・ Image © Sebastiaan Stam
The past abduction of his little brother had always haunted him. So when his brother was taken again, of course he made sure the perpetrator would cease to exist this time.

Sleep With Me

July 23, 2018 Comments

PG13・ 2 pages ・ Image © SnapWire
It was a nightly sin for him, begging her whenever it was time, especially tonight. His wife wouldn’t be home until much, much later.

Tiny Flat

July 19, 2018 Comments

PG・ 9 pages ・Image © Tinyography
She didn’t care about her own messy life, what more of a little orphan. Besides, the girl was staying in her tiny flat for just a few days. Nothing would change, right?

Lies of Leha

June 20, 2018 Comments

PG・ 2 pages ・ Image © Shashank Kumawat
It had become a habit for her. Besides, a lie or two wouldn’t hurt anyone. So why should she stop when the poor should be fed?

Gold On Ebony

June 01, 2018 Comments

G・ 1 page ・ Image © Scott Webb
In an instant, she had vanished from his sight. But he would always find her easily even as time broke her apart.

Marry Me

May 13, 2018 Comments

PG13・ 9 pages ・ Image Credit: Anastasiya Lobanovskaya
An old photograph of his childhood was the only evidence of his true love. Mocked repeatedly for his loyalty, he had become a grumpy old bear of love. Or can a single encounter turn things around?

Women On A Road

January 28, 2018 Comments

・ 8 pages ・ Image © Kaique Rocha
Set apart by time, her former best friend felt estranged to her. Now, stuck on a desolated road, perhaps, she needed to dig deep within herself to change things between them.