I Quit My Job To Be A Better Writer

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Early this month, I quit a part-time job when I was informed that I’d get paid two months later. Meaning, for March and April 2018, I would be working for free. So didn’t want to waste time, I simply quit. It wasn’t a great job, I reasoned. Too demanding on my nerves, et cetera.

The next day, I felt stupid and worthless, thinking it was a bad decision. For one week, couldn’t even write, couldn’t even try to find another job. Even had a panic attack which consisted of me hyperventilating and bursting into tears, crying ugly. Fortunately, my brother is a good listener. He stayed quiet when I vented out all the stress accumulated within me for a while now, a long white.

Afterwards, feeling myself again, I simply returned to writing.

I haven’t looked back since. These days I’m eager to update my blog when previously I’d feel too exhausted from a 12-hour job or a late-night shift job to write anything. Now, I can wake up in the mornings and just write. Even finished a new short story and now eager again to start another one.

However, from this setback, I discovered I’m not good at multitasking. If I work, I cannot write. But if I write full-time, I cannot yet support my family with Ditinta. I’m in a dilemma.

Right now, my anxiety from the previous job had stopped me from searching for another. A part of me wants to work from home. Perhaps, start first with selling unused stuff at home, then look into being a freelance writer, or maybe consider a dropshipping business.

Another part of me boldly states, ‘*Bleep* it, let’s just be a full-time writer!’

Do I dare to do it? Am I gila (crazy) enough, especially in high cost of living in Singapore?

Well, I’ll be updating you soon on how I’m supporting my family as a full-time writer/blogger. AKA, is this even a good idea?! Hope you’ll stick around to find out.

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