Gold On Ebony

by - June 01, 2018

In an instant, she had vanished from his sight. But he would always find her easily even as time broke her apart.

The golden sparkle caught his eye but it vanished quickly. He was panicking. Peak hour on the MRT platform meant the crowd was merciless. Another train was coming.

"Please don't get on!" He prayed hard.

A sparkle again. That’s it! He rushed to it, pushed hard against the young solid bodies until he caught her hand. The gold bracelet shone brilliantly against her dark wrist. Gold against ebony, his precious colours of her, his beautiful one whom he had spoilt for so long.

“Found you, Grandma!” He pulled her out onto the platform.

“Grandpa!” She shrieked then laughed. Her dark hands caressed his face eagerly.

Today, she remembered him.

“Let’s go home.”

Part Of The Anthology: Bits & Pieces 2018

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