Giant Of Jumuah

July 30, 2018 Comments

G・ 2 pages ・ Image © Khairul Onggon
There was nothing typical about the Jumuah prayer that day. He was challenged to his limits in body, mind and spirit.


July 27, 2018 Comments

NC16・ 7 pages ・ Image © Sebastiaan Stam
The past abduction of his little brother had always haunted him. So when his brother was taken again, of course he made sure the perpetrator would cease to exist this time.

Sleep With Me

July 23, 2018 Comments

PG13・ 2 pages ・ Image © SnapWire
It was a nightly sin for him, begging her whenever it was time, especially tonight. His wife wouldn’t be home until much, much later.

Tiny Flat

July 19, 2018 Comments

PG・ 9 pages ・Image © Tinyography
She didn’t care about her own messy life, what more of a little orphan. Besides, the girl was staying in her tiny flat for just a few days. Nothing would change, right?