Sleep With Me

It was a nightly sin for him, begging her whenever it was time, especially tonight. His wife wouldn’t be home until much, much later.
Rated: PG13
Category: Romantic Suspense
Length: 2 pages
Image Credit: SnapWire

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“I can’t sleep, please, I can’t sleep, baby.”

A slow blink at him.

“No one is here with us. See, my wife’s gone for the weekends. It’s just the two of us. See, no one’s here.”

He patted the empty side of the bed.

“I beg of you. Please come to bed. I can’t sleep without your soft body spooned against mine. Every night, when you caress my cheeks, bump your forehead to mine and look at me, yes, just like that, oh so seductively. Is it so sinful for me to be with you? You’re not my wife but I just want to rub your soft belly.”

Didn’t she understand his desperation?

“Please, baby. Oh, there we go. Oh, you’re so cute.”

He embraced her tight as she snuggled into his arms.

“How could you!” Someone had dared to burst into their intimate moment.

Still, he wasn’t ashamed of what they were doing. It was their nightly sin. He turned lazily to the intruder.

“You’re back early.” He replied casually.

“Why is she on the bed? How could you?” She stood there, exasperated.


“Hush, we’re trying to sleep, wife.”

He cuddled his Scottish Fold. She purred loudly against him, eyes already closed.

“I will join you soon, my kitty.” He kissed her forehead. Even in dreams, they would be together.

"You're getting fur on the bed." She sighed.

The End


Ana Says
I missed my cat when writing this. He was a feral and didn't like to cuddle. But in the morning, he was asleep next to me.

What is your nightly routine with your pet?

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