Closing Time

by - August 27, 2018

Assignments were best done in the library. But when someone kept hitting on her, of course, she was going to give him a piece of her mind.

“Hey, hey, you, look at me.”

Great, Dahlia didn’t have time for this. Her report's deadline was just an hour away. She didn’t need the distraction of a lame pick up line, especially not in the library. Ignoring was best now. She returned to her laptop.

“Hey, hey, you, look at me. Turn around. Hey, hey, hey.”

OK, this was getting annoying.

“Look, man, can you stop - ”

Her arms were grabbed suddenly before she could look behind. Dahlia screamed.

“Easy, easy, I’m sorry I scared you,” said a male voice.

She looked up to a pair of friendly eyes. The man let go of her gently. He then pointed to her watch.

“I just wanted to tell you we’re closing.” He said.

“Oh, I didn’t notice. Sorry, I’m leaving now.”

Quickly, Dahlia gathered her belongings. But she paused when she noticed the empty desk behind. That bugger, when did he -

“He left when he saw me,” said the man. “He can't hurt you. So please, you must go now. Please.”

His insistence was strange. But then so were the layers of clothes he was wearing. It shouldn't be that cold, not when the library air conditioning had been shut off. There was muted silence now.

“Your report?” he reminded.

With another apology, Dahlia hurried off. Another female staff was already standing outside the entrance, ready to lock its glass doors.

“Wait, I’m not the last one!” Dahlia exclaimed.

The woman frowned.

“Your colleague, he’s still inside. I think there's another guy too - ”

Dahlia was pulled outside roughly. Then quickly, the woman locked the doors and left.

“Hey, wait, there're still people inside.” Dahlia insisted, trying her best to keep up.

The woman stopped. She turned, eyes wide with fear.

“I was the only staff tonight and you were the only student who came in.”

Part Of The Anthology: Bits & Pieces 2018

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