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When the Investigating Officer arrived at the flat, the female corpse was lying on her side. Her forehead was badly bruised, possibly an internal bleeding to death.

“What the hell is that?” He asked.

“Looks like a cabbage, sir. Been rotting for a few days.” The police officer poked at the moldy green mess. It rolled slightly, emitting a pungent stench.

“That’s disgusting,” remarked the IO.

“The question is, sir, why is there a rotten cabbage beside her?”

“Oi, you think she was killed by it. Too much crime stories, corporal?”

Both laughed.

Then paused.

“Forensics stated she was battered to death by a heavy blunt object. But they can only confirm at the lab later,” added the young officer.

“A huge cabbage if frozen,” began the detective.

“Gets hard and heavy, sir,” finished the corporal, blushing slightly.

“But you'll need an enormous freezer. Her fridge wouldn’t fit - ” The IO caught sight of a photo frame on a shelf.

“So her husband's a fishmonger at the pasar nearby. Hoo, he has a huge freezer right there." He pointed out. "Did she sell vegetables at the same market?”

“Yes, sir. He's bad-tempered with the occasional affairs - ”

Someone was yelling outside, demanding to be let in.

“That’s the husband, sir. Back from Batam.”

Both turned to see a huge man, face flushed with anger.

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