Man By The Road

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As it passed by, the car's headlights had shone on the lone pedestrian. A pale figure of a man, hunched over in his dirty clothes, dragging his feet as he walked. His thin body shook violently over a coughing fit. An eerie figure on a deserted road. A road notorious for its ghostly sightings.

Knowing its bad history, no one would stop for anyone. But it had rained heavily that day.

The black car stopped ahead of the pale figure, waiting, its engine rumbling low. The hunched man stopped too. He stared at it, eyes lifeless, swaying. He moaned, suddenly agitated. Then with a loud yell, he dashed forward, towards the car then passed by it.

"Help, help, help!" He cried as he ran.

The ominous car sped up, roaring loud behind him. That evil thing would hit him then devour his soul. He couldn't have that. Thus, he zigzagged his way on the road. Until without much thought, he jumped into a thick bush. And the car screeched, colliding head-on into him. He braced himself for the impact as the bright lights blinded him -

And the road was dark again.

So it was true what they said. This road was haunted by a ghost hearse.

The man panted hard, too apprehensive to move from the prickly bush. He could wait. It was safer there until sunrise. At least he had evidence now. He tapped his phone to stop recording.

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