She trusted her best friend wholeheartedly. She would do anything she asked of her. Until that day when she was betrayed.
Rated: PG13
Category: Crime
Length: 1 page
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“You mustn’t smile.”


“I saw the last girl crying after her photo was taken. See, yeah, that one.” Her best friend pointed out.

She tiptoed to see. Everyone was waiting in line to have their kindergarten graduation photos taken. One person per photo. That was why Mama made her look pretty today. She had her long black hair in braids, tied with her favourite yellow ribbons on each end.

“It’s a serious photo, see. It’s an important event. So you mustn’t smile. The photographer scolded the last girl for doing that,” explained her friend.

“So I mustn’t smile?”

“Yeah. Don’t you trust me?”

“I trust you.”

So when it was her turn, she didn’t smile. The photographer was scary too, frowning at her for slouching. She didn’t even move when one of her ribbons untied itself. She stood still, looking ahead and never smile because she trusted her best friend wholeheartedly.

A week later, when Mama received her photo, she was told everyone had smiled in their photos, even her best friend. She stopped talking to her the next day.

Years later, she caught her former best friend smiling on camera when they sentenced her to death by hanging.

The End


Ana Says
Amazing what we would do for someone we trust. This one hits close to home. Nothing hurts me more than being lied to by someone I trust.

Have you ever had such an experience?

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