October 16, 2018 Comments

PG・ 2 pages ・ Image © Daisy Laparra
Their simple intention to experiment was for the convenience of humanity. After all, only technology could allow that convenience to exist.

The Buruj

October 04, 2018 Comments

NC16・ 10 pages ・ Image © 嘉淇 徐
The priceless gemstone, the Buruj, was rumoured to be cursed — death was the inevitable fate of anyone possessing it. But Private Eye Zafirah didn’t believe in curses.

Curious At Noon

October 01, 2018 Comments

G・ 1 page ・ Image © Kaique Rocha
Even simple things in life was a mystery to her, especially when the sun was at its brightest, showing off colours of joy that were foreign to her.