Curious At Noon

Even the simple things in life were a mystery to her, especially when the sun was at its brightest, showing off colours of joy that were foreign to her.
Rated: G
Category: Cozy Mystery
Length: 1 page
Image Credit: Kaique Rocha

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The minutes after Zuhr was always a curious moment for her. The sun was always the happiest, exploding things around her into vivid colours. Every pair of eyes would be as clear as glasses, willing to share their secrets readily in the Kopitiam she always frequent.

Just like the young couple sitting before her, holding each other tight. What good news do they have? Were they finally getting married after their families refused them?

A gentle laughter made her glance to the right. Wrinkles clearly formed on the side of squinted eyes. The mother patted her son’s hand then rubbed his buzz cut. Had he just returned from his National Service? Were they finally having lunch after a long while?

A rough loud voice distracted her too soon. An elderly man with a serious son. Yet he was smiling wide like a child while the son like a father nodded to his every exclamation. Were they finally able to talk after years of misunderstanding?

Such curious joys around her, making her heart full as the sun warmed her skin. Her happiest moments when she was outside.

She needed these strangers' joy.

“I’m back.” She called out.

Because at home, the blinds were always pulled down. The strong colours outside were too much for the old eyes of her ailing father and forgetful mother. Yet their smiles upon hearing her beautiful moments were the brightest of all like the high sun at Zuhr.

And she would repeat it again tomorrow.

The End


Ana Says
A mystery doesn’t always have to be in a dark gloomy setting. It need not always be a crime involving a detective and a dead body. It’s all about making us curious. The simple everyday things can be just as intriguing.

What curious things have you seen around lately?

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