by Ana Abdullah - October 16, 2018

— Summary: Technology was born for humanity's convenience. —

They were worried. No, they were anxious to the point of madness.How many times had they tried but failed? But in any experiment, failure was inevitable. That was how one learnt. But when millions of dollars were pumped into such a discrete defense project, failing meant a severe dent to their careers and ultimately their lives.

He clicked rapidly on the mouse, trying to force the system to initiate the the first peak of a heartbeat.

“How is the Mother doing?” He asked when he couldn't see any yet.

“She’s alive, sir. Her heart rate is stable. Pressure is slightly high. The baby, oh, the — ”

“What? Is it forming?” He stood up instantly, banging his chair against a wall.

He rushed to his assistant's side, shoving him away to see it clearly for himself. The womb had been cut opened earlier. So he could see the baby forming at an alarming rate. A thin frail glass-like case began forming into its skull, spine, toes and fingers until it became a familiar form. A jelly-like liquid suddenly gushed out then solidified, padding the small thing with flesh until eventually it was encrusted with another clear liquid. It flowed and embraced its entirety until settling to become soft, supple skin. And the baby opened its eyes, black and curious.

“We did it! Just as I anticipated!” He gripped the younger man's shoulders.

But his assistant had went pale.

“We — we've created the first baby, sir.” He stuttered, backing away from the scientist, backing away from the experiment lying on the surgical table.

“Yes, that’s right! Come now, what's the matter with you? We should rejoice at this success!”

“No, don't you understand? We've created the first android baby, sir. A machine that can impersonate the human life. They can procreate now.”

They glanced over to the female android who had been watching them with inquiring eyes. But she glanced down when small tiny hands reached out from her stomach. The Mother held out her finger, curious at its existence. The tiny fingers clasped hers tight. They were connecting, the scientist noticed, like a human mother and child.

It didn’t make sense for him to feel this guilty, this ashamed. They were man-made in the first place. Machines and emotions were not possible. He turned away, his gaze falling on the “Terminate” button onscreen.
Ana Says
My very first attempt at science fiction. Humanoid machines interest me in particular. What about you?

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