Final Game

November 12, 2018 Comments

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​The years playing have been fun. Now, he plays his final game with her. Will he win as usual? Or will things finally start to change?

“I was thinking of retiring.” He said, pushing the pawn across the board.

His confession was simple. It had to be. She was a woman who needed no flowers or poetry. A clever and honest woman, even to him. After years of playing with her, he wanted to see what would happen if he was finally truthful to her, to himself.

She cleared her throat and moved her Queen.

“Someplace cozy and quiet.” He took her Knight to his side.

She sighed, straightening her back then tapped her chin.

He chuckled, liking her frown when she finally picked his Rook. He checkmated and captured her gloved hand.

Finally, she looked at him. Her usual hard gaze was now replaced with a soft warm vulnerability. Without a word, she poured her entire self into his heart, rendering him breathless. That was enough.

“They’re here.” He glanced behind her. “Will you wait for me, Inspector?”

The police gathered around him, standing tensed, awaiting her commands. When she nodded, they rushed forward, shoving him down on the table and handcuffing him quickly. He was pulled roughly to his feet, an expected rude gesture for a notorious con man like him.

“I’ll wait for you.” She finally replied.

The End


Ana Says
Just like our perp in this story, I’m going through some big changes too. With only less than two months left for 2018, I’m overwhelmed by the possibilities of 2019. You’ll probably notice the changes here and on social media.

Will you support me in my writing endeavours for 2019?

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