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“You play the victim. You understand? Good, good. Now, show me your best fear. Give it your all!”

“Yes, sir.”

Behind the bright lights, the dark silhouettes watched her. They stood in their awkward poses. Heads hung down, arms folded at odd angles, leaning against walls, chairs, tables. The crew waited for her patiently.

She shut her eyes, embracing the fear, letting it reel quickly into her as she stepped onto the set. She was ready.

“Good, good, that's the way. Feel it within you. Now, quiet on the set. Action!”

And she shook violently as the sudden cold hands of horror gripped her fingers, her arms, her heart. Her eyes rolled back into her head when she was choked breathless by a sudden rage then desperation as several sharp stabs of pain tore into her chest, breaking her ribs, demeaning her spirit. She was willing to do anything for her debut.

When the cue was given, she let out the most shrilling scream that tore her throat out. This would be the best scene of her short acting career, the best one of her life.

Because in this scene there were no cameras, no living crew.

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