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“Please, let me see him. I can take it.” She sobbed as the white sheet was pulled down by the forensic pathologist.

“He’s sunburnt,” she said, fingers hovering close to his red cheeks yet too afraid to touch it.

“I’m sorry, Mam. He was found just an hour ago in the football field. Left bare naked and a deep hole dug out beside him.” The doctor pulled the sheet further back, revealing her father’s nudity.

She glanced away in shame. Her shoulders shook as she withheld her nausea and her grief. No, this was still her father, no matter how red and hideous the body was. She willed herself to look.

“Father loved to tan. Once we were at the beach, I was five, I think, he fell asleep while tanning. I traced out a smiley with sunscreen on his chest. Heh, he was so angry afterwards.” She chuckled in between her tears.

The doctor was grim. He pointed to a strange mark on her father’s red thigh. A white circular shape branded against the sunburnt skin.

“Doc, you know the Superintendent never liked my father, right?”

“Yes, Mam. He’s still sore over your father’s promotion to Commissioner.”

“He’s recently been wearing that ridiculous - what is it?” She wiped off her tears then pulled the sheet back over her father.

“A vintage pocket watch, Mam. Very expensive. He’s never without it.”

Hearing no reply, the doctor met her serious eyes. He sighed.

“I don’t like it too, Doc. Especially when it’s one of us.” She said.

And the doctor shook his head as the detective left, already giving instructions on her phone.

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