A First Novel In Progress

by - May 11, 2019

This writer has finally dared to write a novel. The first novel named "Project White" will be a sensational hit! See who inspires her to finally get into the novelwriting groove.

Since I started Ditinta last year, I've only written short stories. They were the best way to start for a new writer like me. Brief and precise. Easily completed within a week or two. They sharpened my writing skills. Writing fiction becomes enjoyable again. So after a year, I should be confident enough to write a novel. But no, I doubted myself a lot. I was afraid I wouldn't have the stamina to finish such a long format. I recalled my teen years at writing a fantasy novel. The female heroine never made it past chapter 2.

But recently, something changed within me. And I blame the lovely Kate Cavanaugh whose Youtube videos have moved me to start writing, yes, a novel.

What moved me was simply Kate being true to herself. She shares her writing doubts, experiments, sprints, Brazilian cheese breads, coffee — impressive drinking, by the way. For the first time, I saw a writer working. Not trying to sell a writing course. Not giving repetitive writing advice. Just her, writing. And that moved something within me. Seeing her talking to me, with a little laugh on the side whenever she finishes her sentences, despite the writing draining her, I became fascinated by this arduous journey of writing a novel.

So I gave up resisting myself. This Ramadan I've decided to write a novel. InSha'Allah, to finish writing by the end of the month.

I'm calling the novel, Project White — Kate's colours method inspired me. It's a psychological mystery.

Before the fasting month, I've already outlined Project White. Loved how the mystery seemed utterly mind-blowing, at least in my head. It's set in a past decade in Singapore with an all-Muslim cast of characters. I imagined it would be a big hit. Major publishers bidding for my manuscript. Oh, just show me where to sign the film contract already! Tsk, yes, I know, I know. The first novel will be a messy one. But nothing wrong with a bit of imagination to keep me going!

I'll be sharing the progress of Project White here as an affirmation to myself — I'm writing a novel.

Ah, yes, it's good to be among today's young writers like Kate. Their vigor is truly inspiring. I feel like my past teen self again. Such impatience to write this mystery! Calm down, me, calm down. After all, we must sustain this writing energy in the next few weeks even while fasting this month!

Are you writing too? Wanna be writing buddies?

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