And She Writes Again

by Ana Abdullah - February 05, 2022

Summary: Ana has begun writing again. Her first project is an anthology of short mysteries that involves a young female security guard.

It is the concise nature of the short story that always draws me in especially if it involves strange events or ends with a cliffhanger. The best is when it leaves me staring blankly, whispering, “What just happened?” Its limited format always forces me to imagine so much more. That is why I am starting the mysteries rolling with what I know first. That is, writing short stories.

However, unlike last time, the short stories will be put together into an anthology. My very first mystery anthology. Yes, I am excited about it!

So what is it about? The anthology consists of short mysteries involving a young female security guard on her first week on the job. It is also her first time working on the night shift. Yet instead of meeting her senior who is to teach her the routes, she is only guided by him through her walkie-talkie. And so, begins her nightly adventures at a women’s hostel, thus aptly codenaming this book project as “Project Guard”.

I am still at the Outline stage of the project. Still figuring things out and learning as I go. I might even change the whole premise! Truthfully, I am nervous and anxious about it because this is it. For the first time, I am truly writing for you, Teman. It is like the excitement yet apprehension of meeting a very precious friend after a long time apart. I want to make a good impression with a great gift, you see.

"Will you like it?" I wonder. Yes, I am feeling pressured to write this well.

“Project Guard” is actually inspired by my own personal experience living in a hostel. Back in the day, I usually had my door open when the nights were too warm. Once, while I was studying late, a security guard patrolled down the corridor. There had been several cases of thefts back then. He was making sure nothing happened. Yeah, in real life, nothing much happened.

He passed my open door. I greeted him then. “Good job, sir.”

“Thank you. Study hard. Selamat malam.” He nodded politely.

He was an elderly gentleman. So no, there was no romantic tension. But I did wonder then if he had experienced any strange sightings while on his night shift. And so, my overactive imagination prompted this anthology years later.

In the previous years, I had published my short stories like small gifts for you on Ditinta. It was a fun learning experience. Thank you so much, Teman, if you have enjoyed them here. But now, for a more enjoyable reading experience, I feel it is best to share my first anthology with you in an ebook format. I hope you will look forward to it.

I will keep you updated on Project Guard’s progress. And while you wait for its official book release, I hope you will continue to enjoy reading Ditinta with its many upcoming posts.
Ana Asks
So are we ready for this, Teman? What is the first thing that comes to your mind about the anthology? Share with me below.

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