This Tiny Writing Space

by Ana Abdullah - February 01, 2022

Summary: Ana thinks it’s TMI but she still shares with you her writing space and her feelings that come with it.

I write in a windowless store room. Its door has been removed for ventilation. The doorway is covered only by a piece of batik which is often pulled halfway down when privacy is needed. Truly a flimsy piece of barrier between my inner world and real life outside. I read, write and “socialise” in this tiny writing space. Within these four walls is where I hope the Ditinta Universe will flourish.

“That sounds weird. I’m going to look weird. Should I even share such details? It’s TMI, isn’t it?” Sometimes, I worry a lot.

Yes, I feel very vulnerable right now sharing such details with you, Teman. In real-life, I am a very private and quiet person. But I hope to connect better with you, Teman. A good enough reason for me to show you my sacred lair today. Below is the actual room which is originally a storage room, quite common in any HDB flat. Nobody uses it to live in. It is a small humbling space with only the bare essentials for an unknown writer like me. And, yes, it does get very warm in the afternoons. Singapore is a tropical island after all.

However, it was not such a humbling space for me in the past. Back then, I had a very "me” ego where I would write whatever stories I please. So what if the readers did not like them? So what if my stories did not make sense? It was good enough that I wrote and published it on Ditinta.

I was a writer, fanning my own ego.

It became a very lonely experience afterwards. Writing in this tiny room became suffocating. And soon, my selfish, ignorant self could not be inspired to write. I blamed this tiny space for my writer’s block. I needed a bigger room, one filled with books, a good computer with a good mechanical keyboard and many other things. Excuses after excuses because I was feeling lonely as a writer.

However, since last year, as things happened, as I changed my self-perspective, my writer’s ego shifted as well. Now, I approach this precious space with humility.

I have to make do with what I have first.

Even as I am still alone as I write, I am no longer lonely. To be a good writer, I must respect my readers. Now, I enter this room with you in my mind and heart, Teman. The thought of you waiting for me on the other side motivates me now. Within these four walls, I must keep writing until I reach “The End”. Here, I embrace my identity again as a writer.

And I humbly welcome you to our quaint little wonderland, this tiny writing space and Ditinta. Yes, it belongs to you too, Teman. To the both of us. Because it takes two for stories to flow.
Ana Asks
Are you ready to enter the many strange worlds I will create? Do you also have your own tiny private spaces at home too? Share with me below.

It's the Chinese New Year's holidays today and tomorrow in Singapore. I wish Happy Holidays to Teman who are celebrating the festivities. 🧧🐯 Enjoy your delicious pineapple tarts and love letters! Eat well, take care and stay safe, Teman!

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