Ana Abdullah is a Mystery Writer and Blogger from Singapore. She is also a Muslim of Sumatran Minang descent. Ditinta is her blog of mystery fiction, curious stories and personal narratives. Ditinta means "to ink" in the Malay language. And to ink stories in English is a challenging feat.

Ana introduces a unique world of mystery fiction where detectives give salams to the villains. Where female protagonists are stronger because they wear the hijab. Where Muslim characters come in multitude of personalities and attitudes, more than just stereotypes. A world of fiction where everyone is flawed yet still faithful to their Islamic beliefs. And still have fun!

But of course, life exists beyond fiction. Ana also shares the inspirations behind her stories. She also shares the imperfect moments in her life here, a much needed therapy for her as a Muslim and a person. Ana will not reveal her face nor her true name. But she will reveal her heart in the hope to connect to others, just as imperfect as she is.


Despite her anonymity, Ana loves to hear from readers. Feel free to contact her.