February 05, 2019 Comments

Assalamualaikum and Hello, I'm Ana. Welcome, my fellow sleuths, to Ditinta.

Ditinta can be interpreted as ‘to ink’ or ‘being written’ in Malay. Since 28 January 2018, I've shared my Adult Mystery fiction on this story blog on a weekly basis — the best I can. Stories are free to read, varying from a cozy mystery to a thriller.

My microstories are easily read in one to two pages. Short stories are more intense, being at least five pages long. The Chapters section is where I share my progress of writing the mystery novel. Hopefully, the wait of its completion won't kill you. Meanwhile, the Discover section is where I share my mystery reads, my literary adventures in Singapore and many other curiosities.

I'm a writer who adds a unique Southeast Asian flavour to the Mystery genre. My stories can be a tad spicy and sweet but, InSha'Allah, you’ll find them delicious. My characters are Muslims, mingling in a Malay/Indonesian and Western cultures set against Singapore’s colourful heartlands and other parts of Southeast Asia.

And since I'm still new, my voice is very raw. You’ll see me experimenting with characters, plot, style and many more. I study the writing craft on my own through novels, guide books, online courses and most of all, the online writing community. I hope you'll enjoy my learning process too.

Now, why am I faceless? Well, enjoy my stories, not me. I don't have a flamboyant personality. An elusive INTJ, you see. However, if you’re still curious, I'm a Muslimah in my forties, typing away in the store room of our small HDB flat. With the tropical humidity and intense plotting, things can get pretty hot in this windowless space.

Ditinta keeps me accountable to my dream of becoming a published author. And you, my dearest sleuths, strengthen my fragile writer's heart when you support me.

I pray you'll enjoy the thrill of Deduction on Ditinta.